Time to be Flexible!

Monday, June 1st 2009

I started the morning having devotions with the Masi Life Skill Educators and then talking about the preschool curriculum with Nandi.  Then I made my way to the office in M'berg.  When I got to the office I was just planning on working and getting back into the swing of things.  Well plans changed….I started the day with a meeting with Avril

, then sat in on another meeting about what Living Hope does, then sat in on another meeting with this couple (Kenny and Carla) that have moved here for a year.  Then I got to work and just trying to get back into the swing of things.  I then made my way home and chilled for a little while.  Then I made my way to the volunteer house for Monday night Bible study. Pat was leading it tonight and she talked about what aroma are we leaving for people.  It was a very challenging Bible study because it got me thinking about how I spend my days and my words and actions with what I do!!  I do enjoy Monday night Bible study and I think I will enjoy it more now especially not living with the volunteers this will give me some time to hang out with them!

Tuesday, June 2nd 2009

Today I went to devotions this morning at Capri office because I needed to go and pick up some things from our old house.  So I went and picked up those things and then made my way to the office in M'berg  I spend the morning getting things ready for Friday training because I was going to be gone at the Choose Life training and not have a chance to make copies and get things ready.  I then tried to get some things organized and make a calendar so that all of the Life Skill Educators will have everything for the month of June in regards to Afternoon Club Curriculum!  I then went to children's club in Capricorn.  I am trying to start making my way to club at least two times a week to just stay in touch with the LSEs.  The cool part about Capricorn was there were so many new children that have started coming to the club.  That was exciting to see.  They also had a different program because they had some guests who were doing club so I just sat and participated with the kids and that was fun.  I then had to do afternoon pick up for the volunteers and that was fun because it gave me a chance to see the vols which is something I do not get to do everyday like before.  I took them home and made my way back to the team house to cook dinner!  I got my stuff and headed upstairs to cook…..let me describe for those of you about my housing.  Where I am living there are three flats on the ground level on the outside of the house.  You then go upstairs on the outside to the Team House.  Well I went upstairs to the Team House and it was locked up and I did not have keys at this point so I had to change my plans for dinner….  I went down the road and ordered a pizza!  I did not feel like cooking anyway so that was nice.  I could not help but laugh at this because I thought it was funny so I just spent the evening hanging out in my flat!


Wednesday, June 3rd 2009

This morning and the rest of this week I was suppose to go to a three day training called Choose Life.  I went this morning

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and our facilitator got very sick and so after the morning session it has now been canceled until further notice.  I was bummed because I was looking forward to this training it is a course that all of the Life Skill Educators have gone on and they want to add it into the curriculum and so now we will have to wait a little bit till they redo the course.  I then spend the afternoon catching up on emailing and doing all of those kinds of things.  I then decided to drop in on one of the Children's clubs in Ocean View.  So I went to club and just observed what they were doing.  This one club is divided into older and younger children and so I spent time going back and forth from room to room.  I then went and worked out which was nice to be back at Curves!  I came home and relaxed for the evening and of course got on email and face book!



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