VISA week

This week has definitely had a couple ups and downs and has been very interesting!  It of course all started on Monday with going to home affairs and being told to come back later in the week!  I also had a meeting at the Cape Town Baptist Seminary to look into taking some classes and working on a degree.  All of the people at the seminary are very nice and helpful I even

had the chance to stay for their morning chapel.  I did find out because I would be working toward a master's degree I will not be able to start anything until January 2011.  Tuesday and Wednesday felt like very good days of just getting a whole lot of things together and pulling supplies.  We have had a whole group of new volunteers that have come in and they have been a great help of getting a whole lot of things done and helping out.  One of the biggest tasks that they were given was cutting cardboard into pieces of the armor of God.  They have been such a great help!!  Thursday and Friday were spent in a two day training minus the time I had to leave to go back to Home Affairs and finally obtain the Visa. 

This weekend has already started with going into the office and doing some more to get ready for two days of training with the Life Skill Educators on curriculum.  I spent the morning getting things set up as well as doing some cardboard cutting myself.  I am taking advantage of just relaxing as well and just having some down time!

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