Weekend and a date with Jesus!

Thursday, March 26th 2009

I worked from the  M'berg office today.  It was kinda like every other day.  I was trying to get everything together for the training tomorrow.  I was busying making craft examples so we would have them for the training.  In the afternoon I went over to the church to get everything set up so that I would not have to do it early in

the morning.  I then went to a Surprise Bridal Tea for a friend that is getting married in May.  It was very interesting …..a little different from how we do things here.  I had a good time and they have some cool kitchen accessories here that I have not seen in the states and so I thought ummmm I may need to bring them back to the states.

Friday, March 27th 2009

Today was the all day training of the Holiday Club curriculum.  Things have been rolling around in my head for days as I have not known what to say to the LSEs after the news they got on Tuesday about the PEPFAR funding.  Well I put up all of the notes that people sent and got ready for the day.  We started the morning out with a devotion about faith and then we sang a couple of worship songs to get us in the mood. I think this was good for them because I did not think that we could go through the day not acknowledging what had happened during the week.  The training went well we went though each day and did the craft so they would know how to make the items as well as how long it would take to make each item.  We had a good time together and they seemed to enjoy themselves.  I am looking forward to the feedback after the holiday club to see how it goes.  I am planning on going to each club one day to see how it is working.

I was so tired after the training and was tired of hearing myself talk!  Me..Imagine that!!!  Ryan, Jeremy,  and I went to Jakes' (she was the Team House manager)house for dinner with her and her fiancé.  We had a wonderful evening of just relaxing and catching up on each other's lives!  We even topped the night off with a little bit of Starbucks coffee courtesy of Jakes dad!

Saturday, March 28th 2009

We made plans to go and have lunch at this restaurant that we went to a while back and had a bad experience at.  The manger invited us back for a free meal so we chose lunch today to go back.  The food was much better but the service was not very good. The one thing I do like about the place is the view of the ocean.  After lunch we just went back home and relaxed!  Mandy invited us out to go and watch the rugby game at a restaurant so we did and then we went to this other place in Simon's Town.  We went to the restaurant and walked outside and it was the coolest patio garden area with the most lovely view of the water!  The navy was shooting off cannons because it was the Navy Festival Weekend so we got to see the red beams shooting across the sky it was really neat!  Then we came home and just relaxed!

Sunday, March 29th 2009

Went to church at King of Kings and then I came home and took it easy.  I did not feel like myself this weekend so I spent some time in my room just laying down, praying, and reading.  I even ended up taking a nap this afternoon which is not something I normally do!  I made my way to church because we had DC4K.  We had three children and we were a little discouraged because the two new children who came last week did not come back and the three that we had went through the course the last time we taught it.  After DC4K, I stayed for evening worship and it was very good both sermons this morning had to deal with money and Jesus response to giving and tithing!  After church I went over to Pat's house because we used all of our internet for the month and I needed to call home so I went over there to chat with the parents.  Then I came home and went to bed!

Monday, March 30th 2009

I got to Masi this morning in time for devotions still not completely feeling like myself and I was asked to give the devotion for the LSE's and the Home Based workers.  I know God knows what we need and I was very honest in the devotion I shared that I was struggling and did not have a great weekend and was feeling like I needed to spend some time alone with God and just be honest.  After the devotion, I met with the two LSEs to talk about the preschool curriculum.  They were so excited about how the first week went for them and that did make me happy that they were doing well and seeing the kids learning and behaving!  I then went to the office in M'berg for the rest of the morning and just did some work answering emails and sending emails to people.  Then I was beginning to make lists of things I needed to do so I could stay organized and not forget anything!  After lunch I went back to the house to work for the afternoon.  I spent time looking at the calendar for May and figuring out what kids club lessons we are going to be on because the Team Leaders are each going to teach a lesson in May because I will be gone.  After work, I made my way to the beach to have a "date" with Jesus.  It was exactly what I needed.  I came home and we ate dinner and then had our Monday night Bible study.  We watched a DVD of Bill Hybles (Willowcreek Church) interviewing Bono about AIDS.  We then had a great discussion.

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