Wind and Hot….and even some Mexican food

So the rest of last week I made it to two more clubs to do observations. On Tuesday night I went to Bible school and we had a great class where we learned about Christian Scientists as well as Scientology. The observations/assessments are going well. On Thursday I went to Red Hill I was actually planning on going somewhere but then things just fell in place for me to go to Red Hill. I had my papers

and notebook in place and was taking notes and listening to what was going on. Then at the end of club I had a little girl come and want to talk to me because she was having some problems and needed to talk to someone. Then I came in from talking and praying with this one girl and one of the LSEs asked me to go and talk to these two girls who wanted to talk to someone. I was so not expecting that to happen and God gave me the words to share with all three of those girls. It was really a great afternoon. While I was talking to those girls there were boys who were talking to one of the leaders praying to ask Jesus into their lives. Friday was training day and it went well the LSEs had a lot of time to do some great planning. One of the biggest things that the LSEs are working on and I am trying to find resources on human trafficking. We are addressing this issue in getting ready for the World Cup in June. I ended up spending the rest of the day in the office working on some things and finalizing some things with Avril before she left to go to the USA. Friday night some of the vols went out to dinner and we tried this Mexican restaurant. I have to say it was as close as I think we can get to Mexican food in South Africa. It was quite yummy! On Saturday it was BLAZING HOT!! I mean it was just awful. All of the vols went to this place called The Old Biscuit Mill which has shops and things but also on Saturday mornings has a food market with all kinds of stuff. I have been there a couple of times before but none of the others had and they all loved it. We ended up getting lunch there and just enjoying the area. Again it was so hot I was just ready to go home and sit in front of my fan!! We made our way back to our side of town and I went back to the team house and just relaxed for a couple of hours. Mike and Pam were having all of the vols over for a braai (BBQ) that night so after resting for a while made my way over there. We had a fun evening of eating, playing cards, and some of us stayed and watched a movie. Sunday I went to King of Kings in the morning and just relaxed for a little while and then went back to King of Kings because the pastor from Capricorn Church was going to be ordained and commissioned. It was a really moving service

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the people from the Capricorn Church had a bus bring them over to King of Kings and the church was filled with people to celebrate the service. That night I had my usual Sunday night of watching a tv show with Kendra and Mel at the vol house and then going back to the team house and calling my parents. Yesterday I had a busy morning I was asked by Avril to get some things ready for a luncheon with some ladies from the USA who were here along with some of the staff from Masi. It was a very fun lunch and it was cool to see people getting to know each other. I then went with the group of ladies to club in Masi and had a great time. I went to the gym and came home and just vegged out for the rest of the evening!! Did I fail to mention that yesterday was crazy windy I mean it was some severe strong wind!!!!!!!

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