Winter has come…fighting off the flu!!!

Monday, June 22nd 2009

This morning I started by having devotions with the Masi LSEs and I ended up being asked to do the devotions (again always being ready to testify) so I talked about what I learned from the sermon the morning before.  I then met with the preschool LSEs to talk about things and made a plan for the next meeting.  I then had to go and visit my car rental

people because "Betty" (my car) started making a funny noise yesterday so I thought I would just have them check it out.  Well as with things in South Africa I got there and her husband was not there so we visited and had some coffee and then he got home and checked the car.  "Betty" is ok but is going to need to get looked at in the next couple of weeks so they are going to let me know when they have an automatic available and then I will swap cars so they can take her in.  I then

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made it to the office and started getting some things together and catching up on emails with one of the teams that is coming for Holiday Club in two weeks.  I went to grab a quick bite for lunch with some of the other volunteers…it was  a nice thing to do in the middle of the day to get to visit with them.  I went back to the office to work for a while and then I headed off to Masi for Kids Club.  I was going to go and help with the one club in Masi that is not meeting in one location but has now moved to another location and so they were combining two of the clubs together and I was going to be another set of hands.  After club I had to go and pick up a couple of the volunteers and take them home and then I made my way back home.  I spent time trying to update the blog and then ate dinner with the team and just went down to my flat and relaxed and watched a movie.  I am starting to feel my body catching a little cold and that is the last thing I want but I am feeling the scratchy throat and headache!!!

Sunday, June 21st 2009

Started the morning by going to King of Kings and they had a guest preacher preaching about addictions and it was a very powerful message.  After church Jeremy and I went over to Pat's house for Sunday lunch and we sat around and talked and ate soup and it was like a normal family Sunday lunch it was very nice and so sweet.  Then we made a plan with the other volunteers to go to Hout Bay to the market.  I was telling everyone about this market because it only happens on Sundays and it is one of my favorite places because it is just nice and quaint and I like it a lot.  At the market you can find some things that you can't find at all of the other open markets and the vendors are not as pushy.  I love now being here because I do not have to buy things I can just go and visit and look around…I love that!!  After people had finished looking and buying we took a walk to my favorite coffee shop!  I was looking forward to going here.  I told everyone about it …..they have some of the best desserts and I was so going to get one.  We walked over there and the windows and doors were boarded up and the place was now closed.  SADDNESS L

I just stood there for a moment because I really enjoyed the coffee shop…I mean I had only been there about 5 times but it was just such a neat place and now it is CLOSED!!!  Well we all decided to go and get coffee somewhere else and so all 15 went and did that!  (It was not the same)  We then made our way back to dropping off the vols and then I headed home to the team house.  I needed to call home because it is Father's Day so after a few attempts of not being able to get on line I finally got on and talked to mom and dad for a while.  Then I had dinner with the team and made my way down to my flat and watched a movie and went to bed!

Saturday, June 20th 2009

Today really was one of those lazy not doing much kind of days!  I laid in bed for quite a while this morning.  My ankle was hurting badly from yesterday so I did not make it to the gym. I then just ran a couple of errands and relaxed and watched a little television.  Then I met up with some of the vols to watch the Springbok Rugby against the British Lions.   The Springbok won!!  J  I then went back home and settled in for the evening!  I was enjoying a quiet evening at the team house because the team was out for the evening when all of the sudden all of the electricity went out in the house.  The first thing I did was grab my cell phone and call Nadine (mom and cook at the team house) she came over and we learned that we had run out of electricity!  Some things that can only happen in South Africa!  So we got it sorted out and then I continued with my evening of just sitting on the couch and relaxing.  I then moved down to my flat and watched a movie and then went to bed! 

Friday, June 19th 2009

This was one of those days when it was going to be rough.  The past couple of weeks there have been some issues going on with one of the children's clubs in Masi.  The best way that I can describe it is politics and not a lot of wonderful communication going on.  To make a long story short the last club that has been started in Masi that finally got a building structure put up about a month ago….well today the building was going to have to come down and there was not going to be club there anymore.  Well as you can imagine no one was taking this news well.  The one thing we all felt though was we had to respect the decision that was made by the leaders in the community and so the project began.  Well there were quite a few parents who were not happy about it and did not understand why Living Hope was taking down the building.  So then there was like this two hour meeting where everyone explained things and again it was stated that Living Hope was going to honor the wishes of the committee in the community that made this decision.  So some of the guy LSEs and some of the guy volunteers were among the crew that was to take the structure down.  They needed to be careful in taking down the building because they wanted to save everything so they could put it back up when they found some land!  Well I was suppose to be helping with the other girl volunteers and girl LSEs at an open day where people could come and get their blood pressure checked, sugar checked, and also TB and HIV testing.  Well I ended up being out at the site because I had to show some people where it was and then I went and helped get lunch for the guys that were working so hard.  It was really hard when the kids came out of school for the day and just watched as their building was being taken apart and I think at that point it got to the guys who were helping take the building apart.

I looked over once all of the walls of the building were down and all that was left was the concrete floor and it hit me and I got tears realizing there is no place for the kids to play!  They loaded up a flat bed with the materials to take to a storage area and we followed behind as the guys unloaded the items!

Then I had to drive some of the vols home and Jeremy and I decided that we would go out to dinner.  It had been a very rough and emotional day and thought an evening out would be enjoyable.  We went to this place not far and had a nice dinner and then decided to go to the movies.  After such a rough day it was a nice ending

Thursday, June 18th 2009

I spent the morning in the office working and then right after lunch I made my way over to Masi for a video shoot that was happening.  John has hired a production company to make a video to go with a campaign they want to do for the Prevention program and so they have been filming and doing some cool stuff for the past week and today was the final shot with all of the LSEs and I wanted to be there to see it.  So I helped be a blocker in Masi so that people would not walk down the street as they were filming.  The shoot turned out really cool and I look forward to seeing the video when it is done.  After the video shoot, I went to one of the clubs in Masi to help out.   I did not do much else after club I made my way home and just relaxed for the evening.


Wednesday, June 17th 2009

I went to the office to work this morning.  This past week I have been so lucky to have one of the volunteers helping me with curriculum.  She has been making copies and sorting out things for me to put everything in order.  It has been such a wonderful help to know it is getting down and is helping me out tons and tons!!  Then in the afternoon I made my way over to the Capri office because Jonathan (volunteer from Scotland) was having his farewell.  After the farewell I had a meeting with the social workers and Avril and Chantel .  We meet like every third month and just catch up on what is going on with the LSEs.  After that I made a quick run to one of the clubs in Masi because I was going to be helping with introducing some rules and talking about appropriate behavior….well time got away so I just went over and observed and helped out where I could.    Then I made it home and got ready because all of the volunteers were going out because it was Natasha's birthday as well as Jonathan's last night.  We went to this wonderful little place in Kalk Bay but the only problem we had was there were 17 of us and this is a little bitty restaurant so needless to say dinner took quite a while and it was a late meal. 

Tuesday, June 16th 2009

Well today is a public holiday it is Youth Day.  I was asked to help at Capricorn this morning because they were having a program for the kids today.  They were having a hygiene day and so I was helping out as well as the Shades Mountain team that is leaving later on today.  I got there and was so impressed because they had everything set up so nicely…..they had a station for foot washing, foot care, hand washing, hand care, dental area (Pam Talley was doing that), and a food station.  The kids rotated into each area.  I went to the foot washing station and it was just such a tender time to have the opportunity to wash these children feet and just love on them in a very different and unique way.  I was very humbled being able to do that for the children…it made my day!!  After the program I made my way back to the team house for lunch with the team and then hung out with them for a little bit and then they headed for the airport!  Then I ran to the store because all of the vols, Kenny and Carla, the Talleys, and I were all going to Pat's house for soup, salad, and sandwiches.  We got to Pat's house and it was cool because we were all just snuggled in tight hanging out with each other.  We had a good time and people just talked in small different groups which was cool so we could get to know each other more.  Then some of the vols went home and some of us stayed and we watched Madagascar 2: Escape to Africa.  We had fun and then packed up and went home.

Monday, June 15th 2009

As with any Monday morning it was off to the office.  I was trying to get things situated for holiday club and what things need to be gotten in form of supplies.  Half way through the morning I developed a really bad headache.  I tried to ignore it but that was not working too well so I just put my head down for a couple of minutes because I was going to be taking a woman around to Masi and Ocean View to show her the different venues where they do kids club.  Also I was asked by Avril to tell her about the LSE program so I tried my best as the headache was not going away.  We made it to all of the clubs in both areas and then I made my way back to the team house took some medicine and laid in bed for an hour trying to get the headache to go away.  After an hour it was much better and I was so thankful because this was the last night that Shades Mountain was going to be at the team house and I was looking forward to hanging out with them!!  As  I laid in bed I realized I think part of my problem is that I was very dehydrated and I am not drinking enough water and my body is letting me know that!!!

Sunday, June 14th 2009

Well I went to King of Kings for church this morning and then made my way back to the team house and decided I was going to watch some Brentwood Baptist Church.  I was having a little bit of missing Sunday mornings at Brentwood so this was a nice way to spend some time this afternoon.  Then I relaxed for the afternoon.  I had to go to the internet café to give my parents a call because we had run out of internet at the team house.  After that I came home and had dinner and just relaxed for the evening.


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