Saturday, December 27th

We all slept late today which was nice and then took our time getting ready and went to The Old Biscuit Mill and to answer your questions NO THEY DO NOT HAVE BISCUITS!!  Simba, Ryan, Lynn, and I went because Ryan and Lynn have never been before and they wanted to see it.  They have a huge food market and lots of little shops and it is neat just to walk around

.  We just hung out and walked around and tried a little bit of food.  My favorite thing to do there is to people watch.  We then

came home and just relaxed and I played on the computer for a little while.  We ate dinner and ended the evening by watching Clue the movie.  I know it is not that exciting but it was nice just to relax and do nothing.  Most people here take the time from mid December to mid January off because that is like the summer school break that we have in the states so lots of people take time off from work and just spend time with their families.

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