World Cup Week Countdown

Monday and Tuesday were packed with training the Life Skill Educators and volunteers on the curriculum that will be used for two of the four weeks of holiday club.  It was two long days but at the same time it was exciting to see all the hard work coming out and seeing everyone begin to plan and get things set in place for the weeks of holiday club. 

At the end of Tuesday I was

so tired and I walked into the two rooms where everyone had been working in and meeting in and was just so blessed when I saw that the LSEs and volunteers had cleaned everything up and vacummed and

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just when out of the way to make the rooms look nice.  It was such a blessing to me and made my heart feel so good. 

Then I spent Wednesday and Thursday finishing up writing a currculum for Red Hill because they have one week of holiday club that they needed a curriculum.  It was interesting because in this case I could specifically write what they wanted and needed for their community.  I am excited to see how God is going to move with the children.

OH YESTERDAY…….. World Cup has started!  There are these horns that people have here called vuvuzelas.  They are wonderful plastic horns and that have an indescrible sound but people blow them EVERYWHERE!  Friday you could not go anywhere and not hear one!  People driving in their cars were blowing them.  People walking down the street were blowing them.  Everyone is very proud of South Africa.  We had a braai with all of the LSEs and international volunteers today and it was just a time of relaxing and fellowshipping and not a whole lot of pressure just a time to play games and hang out.  Then I went with some volunteers to Capricorn Church to watch the South Africa game.  Again those wonderful little horns were there!!  After the first half we had face paint and were painting the children's faces.  I am getting to be a pro of making the South African flag on children's cheeks. 

This is just the beginning of the next four weeks of World Cup fever!

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