You will never guess what happen this week…….

Thursday, February 12th 2009

Today was my typical day at the office to make copies and get things ready for the Friday training with the LSEs so that is how I spent my morning. This afternoon I went with the Capricorn LSEs to Overcome Heights. This is one area that I would love to see the LSEs be at more because right now they only come once a week and there

are so many kids that come to club. We got to the container where they do club and we were in the middle of the road singing songs and doing games because there is no other space. Then we went inside for them to do the Bible story and they did a great job the thing about the container was one side of it was so hot because the sun just heats it up and that was the side I was leaning against. It did not faze the kids but it was a little warm for me. We left club and I made my way home. Got home and just relaxed for the evening!

Friday, February 13th 2009

This morning it was the typical Friday of Life Skill training. I decided I would surprise the LSEs with muffins for Valentine's Day. There is a bakery right down the road from our house where you can get things for CHEAP so I went and got muffins to say Happy Valentine's Day to each of them. We had a good morning of training I made sure I kept it moving by us playing some games and them just not sitting and listening to me talk for an hour. They seemed to of enjoyed it and of course they loved the muffins! Then after my training the social workers came and did a training with them as well so I sat in on it and today they focused on discipline which was good for the LSEs to hear since they keep hearing it from me! J Then I made it home for lunch and we had a house meeting during lunch about things and just talked about all of the progress we have seen in the house which has been very exciting! Then I was asked by the Capricorn Life Skill Educators to come to their Valentine's Party they were doing for the kids and be a judge because they were going to have a Mr/Mrs Valentine contest. So I made my way over the mountain to club and it was so much fun. The kids were so cute there were three of us who were judges and it was hard to make a decision because all of the children were so precious but in the end we did choose our two and they were so cute! As the kids left two of the LSE's thought it would be fun to make candy apples so they each got one as they left! I was helping dip the apple in the candy coating and I think I got more on my hands than on some of the apples. It was a big success of a party though. They really did a good job and the kids had a lot of fun. On the way home from the party I was just driving and a guy behind me hit the back of my car. We pulled over and he got out of the car and was very nice and said it was all his fault, he was not watching where he was going. He had a very nice car and did some damage to the front of his car, my car "Betty" just has a black mark from his paint and a dent about the size of a half dollar. The guys said this was my first wreck in 17 years. I did not say anything but in my head I was thinking this is my second wreck in less than nine months. We exchanged details and then I got in the car and called my car rental woman and we just made a joke about it and it was all fine. I was then driving home and just talking to God and laughing at how things are working out here. Again this to me is conformation about the fact that I rented a car and did not buy one!! I made it home and then the guys and I went out for a couple of coffee and ended up deciding to see a movie for the evening. They have changed the price of movie tickets to 19 Rand (which is a little over 2 US dollars) the movies are one thing you can go to here that are very cheap and that is nice!!!

Saturday, February 14th 2009

I did not know what this day was going to look like. I got up and the first thing I did was go and work out because I knew I needed to start the day right. I then cleaned my room and tried to be very productive. I then got a phone call to see if I wanted to go to the rugby game this afternoon. We had tried to get tickets to the game but it was sold out….but Mandy was given two tickets and asked me if I wanted to go and I was like YES! I felt bad because there were not enough tickets for the guys to come as well but they were like it is ok we will just need to get tickets and all go again. Of course me I will never turn down a chance to go to a rugby game they are so exciting. So the afternoon then consisted of Ryan leaving us to go and get his family because they have come to visit for the week and Jeremy, Chris, and I picking up Mandy and heading down to the game. We dropped off Jeremy and Chris at this mall while we were at the game and then we had decided we would meet up for dinner. I felt like a true South African driving to the rugby game like I am here and living in the moment. It was kinda cool! The game was intense and was so much fun. We then met up with the guys and had a nice dinner in Cavendish. We went home and watched a movie and all of us fell asleep before it was even over!

Sunday, February 15th 2009

Went to King of Kings this morning and they had a guest speaker, he was from North Carolina so we got to hear a little bit of southern which was a nice surprise! After church we just relaxed for a little while and had lunch and just chilled at home. Chris, Jeremy, and I decided to go and take a drive we drove to Muizenberg and then drove along the coast line for a little while. It was a really windy day so sand was just flying everywhere on the road but the water was so beautiful. On the way back we stopped at this flea market that basically was selling all kinds of clothes, health and beauty products, food, and toys. We just walked around and took it all it. Then we drove to Kalk Bay because they have this amazing ice cream place and we all know how much I love ice cream so we went window shopping and had a bit of ice cream. It was anice way to spend a Sunday afternoon. Then I made the phone calls home and just relaxed with the guys watching tv for the evening!

Monday, February 16th 2009

Today I went to the office for the morning. I was trying to get some things together for the Life Skill Educators. I was working on the March calendar for the Kids Club curriculum as well as doing some emailing about some questions. All in all it was not that exciting of a morning. I went back to our house for lunch and also I was going to be going to Red Hill for Kids Club so it made sense for me to go back over to my side of town instead of staying over here. I did some work around the house getting things organized and getting my added supplies together for kids club. Then I took a little bit if time and just read, I am finding one of the things I am enjoying doing is just reading for pleasure. I have a lot of books I want to get through that people just keep recommending to me so I hope I can get to them all! Then I went with Ryan and his family (they are here visiting for the week) to Red Hill for club. Ahh it was so great to see the kids I enjoy the fact that the minute you get out of the car they attack you and want hugs! First we went to club at middle camp and then made our way to top camp for club. I know more of the kids at top camp and there are some boys at top camp that just have my heart they are so precious also a little bit of trouble makers maybe that is why I love them so. It was a fun afternoon. I just went to drop in and see how they were doing with the curriculum and it is exciting to see the kids learning and having fun with it. I came home and ate a quick dinner and then it was Monday night Bible study which this week was Game Night. We ended up playing Uno for a while and just listening to music. Then Jeremy and I just talked and that was great. I am blown away by the fact that things I do not expect happen like forming such close friendships with other volunteers…..that was something that I never though of. The hard part is the longer people are here the more attached you get to them and then you know that we are all leaving but we try not to think about that at all!!

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