Youth Day and a pinecone

Today is a public holiday in Cape Town called Youth Day.  This is a day that celebrates the youth of the country.  We heard the origin about it and in 1976 some children did not think it was fair to only learn one language at school and so they protested and some violence broke out.  Then now they celebrate young people on this day. 

I went with two other girls and we

went to a township called Red Hill.  They were having a gathering in a park.  When we got there they were just setting up so we just started playing with the kids.  I did not see anything around and I could tell the kids wanted to play so we went and found some pine cones and started playing catch with pinecones.  We played with them for a while and then finally some had come across a ball and we got a ball and started playing games with the ball.  Then we heard about the origin of youth day and played games with the children.  I helped with tug of war and then we had sack races.  It is good to know that some

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games are played all over the world!  It was a fun day.  I am now going to do some work on the school curriculum I have been given.

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