A Look Back At Mom’s Visit

Well mom has been gone for almost a week and it is amazing to think about the fact that she had the opportunity to see my world in South Africa! One of the memories I will keep about her visiting was getting to meet all of the Life Skill Educators that I work with. The easiest way to meet everyone was of course over food so mom got lunch for all of us. We had gatesbys! Allow me to describe what a gatesy is…..french fries, lettuce, tomato, sauce, meat of a certain kind and all put on a sub sandwich!!

The Gatesby

The Life Skill Educators loved it and I enjoyed the fact that mom got to meet them all and oh yes I had to take some group photos of this occasion. Another memory I will keep is the fact that I had mom sit in on Holiday Club training with the Life Skill Educators so she could see what happens day to day.

Being able to personally take mom to every children’s club and show her what the Life Skill Educators do and how they have grown over the past three years was such a neat experience. I enjoyed mom being here and sharing life with her and I know it will be something that we will both treasure for the rest of our lives.

The Red Hill Team

The Masi Team

The Ocean View Team

My Everyday Co-Workers

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