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I wanted to update some things that have been going on with me here in Cape Town. As you know I began attending Cape Town Baptist Seminary in January of 2011 where I started working on a Bachelors of Theology degree. For the past two months I have struggled with seminary and if it was what God really wanted for me to do. It hasn’t been the easiest thing to balance my ministry with Living Hope, school, team house life, and just having a personal life as well. I took a couple of days to earnestly seek God and asked him to reveal what his will is for me in regards to seminary. I spent the time crying out to God and searching the Bible for direction and clarity on what I should do. I thought through what my original goals were for attending seminary and evaluated if I was getting closer to those goals after over a year of school. What God showed me was that I have been chasing the wrong thing. I thought that seminary was going to help me grow deeper in my relationship with Christ. What I learned over those two days of just being with God was that I was longing for Him and His Word. This challenged me so much. I showed that for this time in my life I need to grow my relationship with Christ. God lead me to a couple different passages of Scripture that reminded me of His love for me and how His plan for me is perfect. These verses are precious gifts that I am clinging to. Therefore I have decided to suspend my seminary studies and focus on deepening my relationship with Christ on a whole new amazing level. This week alone I have felt closer to Him and I have a longing and hunger in my Spirit for Christ that has been revived! I am so grateful for the peace I have after reaching this decision and I’m grateful for the Lord giving me this affirmation. I have already sat down and made a plan of how I am going to

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I am not a goal oriented person but I am excited about writing things down and looking at what this year can hold. I share this to ask you to pray for me as I am on this journey and am so excited to see what God is going to do.


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