Coming to the USA……….

IMG_5357Here is an update of why I am heading back to the USA: I am not moving back to America.

I have been blessed by my home church to take a month sabbatical, which will be starting January 9th . This is going to be a time where I ‘m going to focus on growing closer with the Lord and just having some time in His Presence without the other distractions of life. I will be doing some traveling during this time and getting away to have quiet time. During this month I am also making the commitment to unplug from email and social media. This has been a hard year and I feel like God is giving me a gift of time with Him. I am a bit nervous about this time but I’m also looking forward to what God is going to do!

Then for the month of February I will be staying in Nashville and helping Living Hope and Brentwood Baptist get ready for the Partners Conference.   And of course visiting people and speaking wherever I get the chance to! I am excited to be able to be helping Living Hope and Brentwood Baptist. Then on March 8th I head back to Cape Town!!

Here are ways you can pray for me in the coming weeks:

  1. Pray for flying back to the USA. I leave on December 21. Also adjusting back into the USA and seeing friends and family.
  1. Pray as I have to renew my South Africa Visa and have to travel to New York City to hand in the paper work, I will be doing this at the beginning of January.
  1. Pray for all of my flights and driving during my sabbatical. I will be traveling to Los Angles, Seattle, and Birmingham.
  1. Pray that I would open myself to what God would say to me.
  1. Pray for good health and safety during my time away.
  1. Pray for the month of February and beginning of March and connecting with people and helping Living Hope and Brentwood Baptist.

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