I don’t have deep thoughts very often but I had one today and thought I would share it:

Today as I was visiting one of the afternoon children’s clubs I was watching as the children came in and immediately went over to the Life Skill Educators and long term volunteers and hugged them.  I was able to watch the children’s face light up as they saw the Living Hope staff/volunteers.  As the children were playing it was just so neat to sit back and watch the children get so excited about just hanging out with the staff and volunteers.  It got me thinking how important physical touch is to all of us.  It means so much when people give us hugs or pats on the back and just give us a little bit of attention.  As the rest of club went on, I loved just watching the children engage with the staff and volunteers.  The leaders were teaching about what it means to obey and using the Ten Commandments as their example but in my mind all I could think about was seeing how much these children love their leaders!!

So as you read this I am sending a hug to all of you!!


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