This week I have seen FAITH and TRUST in a whole new light. On Friday the Life Skill Educators were told that the DAD (Dollar A Day) funding that covers all of the cost of what we do is very low and there is only 33% of what is needed to cover our monthly expenses. Which means that each Life Skill Educator could get 1/3 of their salary or we need to let 2/3 of the Life Skill Educators go. When I heard the news my heart just broke and I was in shock; however, as I sat in the room I was amazed by their reaction. They shared how they have taken things for granted and that they need to turn back to God and have FAITH and TRUST Him for everything. Then we began to pray and sing and just hearing them share their hearts and cry out to God was so humbling.
As this week has gone one the ONLY concern that the Life Skill Educators have shared is their worry for the children and teens that come to the afternoon clubs. They want to make sure that the kids and teens will still be able to have food. For a majority of our kids and teens that come to our afternoon clubs the sandwich and piece of fruit or juice Living Hope gives may be one of the only things they eat for the day.
I am sharing this to ask you to help us in one or two ways ……..
1. On Friday November 29th “Black Friday” we are having a Face-a-thon and prayer vigil. The Life Skill Educators and other Living Hope staff and volunteers will be up through the night taking turns praying for the 16 hours of the event. Here is how you can help………ask all of your friends to check out the Living Hope facebook page that day as we will be posting stories, videos, and testimonies every hour about the Life Skill Educators and the lives they are touching on a daily basis. Also if you can share the Living Hope facebook updates to all of your friends. We are hoping that this event will help raise awareness of what the Life Skill Educators do as well as help take care of being able to pay the Life Skill Educators for the rest of 2013. We are looking to raise 26,000 US Dollars.
2. Pray for this event as well as the Life Skill Educators as they are TRUSTING GOD in complete FAITH!

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