My Friday Night……LEADERSHIP

On Friday afternoon and evening I was lucky enough to attend a Leadership Conference called Leadercast.  Living Hope had been given tickets and of course I thought it would be a great opportunity.  It was an evening filled with different speakers sharing about different principals in regards to leadership. The theme of the event was Leadership Beyond You.  The interesting thing was it was a non Christian event but quite a few of the speakers were Christians and you could just tell a difference when they spoke. 

One of the speakers was Laura Bush and I was so excited to hear her speak….however it ended up being a video she wasn’t live but she was still great!   The event was a streamed event from Atlanta, Georgia but Cape Town also had one of the speakers which was Archbishop Desmond Tutu so I had the chance to see and hear Desmond Tutu in person.  


I must confess I have never thought of myself in previous years as a leader I thought of myself as Danielle…..the school teacher or the friend or the Sunday School teacher and most recently the missionary.  Now I realize that through it all God was putting me in leadership positions I just wasn’t aware of it. 

I have so many ideas and thoughts from that evening and so I thought I would just write a blog to help me gather my mind around some of the things that stuck out to me. 

  1. Andy Stanley shared this quote and it got me thinking, “The value of a life is always measured by how much of it is given away.”
  2. Andy Stanley also said, “If your leadership isn’t all about you it will live beyond you!”
  3. Archbishop Desmond Tutu said, “A person is a person through a person.”  I loved this quote because we are who we are because of the different people who are in our lives.
  4. Simon Sinek shared about leadership and how it is about taking care of others and sacrifices on our part.


There is so much I am still trying to process with ideas that came out of that conference but one thing that I learned was that all of us are leaders in our lives.  Where I used to think I wasn’t a leader but we all are whether we are in the business world, church world, parent world.  We all have people around us who are looking to us to lead and how do we do it the way God would have us?

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