officeI have been back in life and ministry in South Africa for a couple months now and things are in full swing. As always, I feel like the moment my feet hit the ground here I have been busy… but in a really good way! Last week concluded our three weeks of holiday clubs which reached over 1,100 children and teens….GOD IS AMAZING!


In the midst of holiday club, God was working in my life through a possible new direction. I was asked to pray about something and did so over the next three weeks. I prayed and sought wise counsel about this opportunity and I would love to now share with you some exciting news!


I am going to be the new Children’s Director at King of Kings Baptist Church here in Cape Town. Some of you may know Taylor Johnson who was a fellow Brentwood Baptist Church missionary that has served in this position for the past two and a half years. He and his family have just moved back to the USA. Taylor and I have known each other for many years and have worked closely in ministry together. It is a huge blessing for me to be able to continue the children’s ministry that he started at King of Kings.


I was approached with this opportunity and I can honestly say I was speechless! This means there is a LOT OF CHANGE happening in my life right now. I will be stepping back to part time at Living Hope. I’ll be assessing my responsibilities there and will determine how best to continue serving the Life Skill Educators as I transition into a part time role at King of Kings as the Children’s Director. Yesterday I had the chance to visit all of the Sunday School classes and meet all of the kids. This week starts me sharing my time with both jobs.


I would ask you to pray for me during this time. I am excited about this new door that has been opened but I also know the only way I can do both jobs is with God’s help.

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