Reflection time from USA

Yesterday I was in a meeting with one of the teams of Life Skill Educators and this phrase was said and really had me thinking. The phrase was “we are only here because of someone else!” This really got me thinking about my time back in the USA for Christmas/Furlough and how true that statement is
The time in the USA was such a huge blessing. I had the chance to visit with so many dear people in my life and also meet some new ones as well. God really began working in my heart and spirit in a different way while I was away from Africa. One thing I learned about myself was there is some pruning that God wants to do in my life….that He has begun and how I need to trust Him! One other thing that I experienced while in the USA was this amazing outpouring of love from people. I am truly humbled to have

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so many amazing people in my life that just want to love me and I am learning to let people do for me. This is a whole new concept that at age 37 I am beginning to understand.
So needless to say it is wonderful to be back home and reconnecting with the Life Skill Educators and finding out all of the things that happened while I was away and even getting to meet some new staff! I am so looking forward to what this year holds!!!

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