Running the Race to 40……

The time has come and I am doing my best to embrace this new birthday number that is creeping up. I thought since I was turning 40 I would just have a moment to remember things that happened in my 30’s.

My 30’s had things happen that I never would have ever thought of. As with most anyone turning 30 you would think you would be married and have kids but that hasn’t happened yet but what has happened in my 30’s is so many children who have come into my life!! God knows my love for children and has given me lots that I get to be a part of their lives. I am blessed to have some of the greatest nieces and nephews in the whole world (that are adopted to me in love). I was also given the name DD from these nieces and nephews. I never knew a name could mean so much to me!! Sometimes it is hard to only see them once a year but those visits mean so much. I am very thankful for skype, face time, and text messaging to not feel so far away.

One definite thing I can say is in my 30’s I realized my love for South Africa. It was in these years that God used mission trips to open my eyes to what HIS PLANS were for me. And of course as anyone who knows me knows… took a while for me to listen to what God was saying! So now as I reflect on the end of my 30’s and think about what God has done I just don’t have words! I have been able to serve as a missionary for 7 ½ years and had the opportunity to travel to a couple other countries in Africa. I have been able to use the gifts and talents that God has given me to help others and that gets me super excited.

I would have to say that 39 has been the hardest year of my life. This last year started out very dark upon hearing the news that I would need to have surgery that would change a lot for me and also changed dreams and plans that I had for my life. This year has been incredibly challenging and has had many valleys. I know with the valleys come the mountaintops and over the last couple of months I am learning about those mountains tops and have literally hiked a couple of them!! This year has also been a year where I have felt God’s presence more than any other time in my life. God has most definitely used this year to show me that HE HAS PLANS FOR ME.

I don’t know what the future hold but I know WHO holds the future and as I look back on the last 10 years I believe it is only going to get better!

So watch out 40 here I come………

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