The Source…

Last week I went to an event that I had no idea what to expect! The point of the day was to encourage people who work in Christian Non-Profit Organizations. The day’s theme was all about a river and how a river

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had three different part and different courses. For me the whole day the nugget that God kept echoing in my mind was He is the source of everything!! HE IS THE SOURCE OF EVERYTHING! A river has to start at a source and so as the day went on this was just filling me as I was trying to process what I needed to do with the nuggets He was giving to me.

For me….. as any of us there are always days where I just feel like I am empty and I have nothing to give and then on a day like this things change. I was reminded that in God’s perfect timing and how He shares truth that we need to hear exactly when we need to hear it!

  • Each of us need to stay close to the source which is Jesus Christ
  • It doesn’t matter what we look like, the river takes on very different looks and the source of the river doesn’t alway look like you think it should but it provides EVERYTHING that is needed!
  • I need to remember to pray for this amazing city I live in that God would rain down the waters and they would be the waters that would flow so everyone would hear and receive the news of who Jesus is!
  • God speaks to each of us in many different ways
  • Once you are close to the source you are able to spill over to others and not worry that your river is going to dry up!

All of this to say everything is about staying close to Christ and the closer I am and we are the easier it is to share with others because we are filled up so we can overflow and be a blessing to others!

Two days later I shared what I learned with the Life Skill Educators in a morning devotion and that morning I also felt to share about each of us together make a river that is bringing the news and hope of Jesus Christ to the children and teens that we work with daily! be a river, we need to walk the journey together because when we do that is when we have those awesome rapids and those exciting times come!! I saw the picture that each of us on our own can’t God just really gave me an amazing visual that I hope blesses you like it did me!!




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