What a night!!!

“I slept and dreamed that life was happiness, I awoke and saw that life was service, I served and found in service happiness is found.”

Quote from Rainbranth Tagore, Indian Poet

This quote really hit me this morning after being able to serve last night!

Last night I had the opportunity to go with the Brentwood Baptist Eye Clinic team to do one of the eye clinics. The clinic took place at CCFM which

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is a Christian radio station in Muizenburg. When we arrived there was already a line around the corner and people were so excited to see the team. I was given the job of being one of the people who took blood pressure. Praise the Lord for a machine that does all of the work for you and all I have to do is put the cuff on and press the button. I would talk with each person and ask if they had high blood pressure or diabetes then of course the next question would be if they took medication for either thing. As I chatted with people it was such a neat experience to share my challenges that I face with my health and I find myself being able to relate to them. I could talk with them about where they live and making better choices when they go to the grocery store and just encouraging them. By the end of the evening we had seen around 156 people and they had to turn away about 150 because after three and a half hours we just couldn’t do anymore and it was around 9:30pm.

The one thing I loved about last night was doing something completely out of my comfort level. I enjoyed serving with my home church as well as serving people outside of the townships where Living Hope does ministry.

What a wonderful opportunity to be able to spend some time with the team and see them experience things in my home here!! 🙂

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