Today these two words became so real to me! Fridays are the day when all of the Life Skill Educators get together and we have training. This morning started with a devotion that dealt with leadership ….the fact that Leadership is Built on Relationships. The devotion was based on Romans 12:15 which says, “Rejoice with those who rejoice, and weep with those who weep.” Gail who was bringing the devotion shared that we have people who rejoice with us and people who share in our tears and how important it is to have people who do that in our lives.

The main topic for this morning was to debrief and talk about our Holiday Festivals that we did at the end of September and boy was I in for a SURPRISE. Gail had us divide into tables to sit with people we normally don’t sit with and she also made sure that each branch of Life Skill Educators split up. At each table there were around 5 of us. We each got a piece of paper and wrote our name on it and then each person at the table had to write something they saw in us during the Holiday Festivals since this was a time when all of the Life Skill Educators worked together.

After writing something for each of the people at my table…I read my paper and I was just silent for a moment and in awe by what the 4 at my table wrote. I was speechless when I read what they wrote!! Words have the power to give such life!! We then decided to read everyone’s out loud and I had to hold back tears as I shared what some of the Life Skill Educators had written about each other! We all need encouragement and words have the awesome power to do that…..also it is because of the relationships that we have with others that those words mean so much!!!

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